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A No-Brainer Bitcoin Wallet

SecureX Wallet

What is the SecureX Wallet?

"Easiest and Most Secure Path for your introduction to Bitcoin"

The SecureX Wallet – No Safer Place for your Bitcoin!

The SecureX Wallet

The SecureX Wallet holds your Bitcoin in the most secure way possible to date!

Biometric features are required in order for you to access your Bitcoin. This is both for ease of access, and extra security!

Your BitCoin Baby!

Your keys, your coins; you have client-side ownership; unlike most wallets where there's an intermediary.

Ask around. Why should I own my own cryptocurrency keys?

Any crypto wallet that won’t give you your private keys should be avoided at all costs!”
Elon Musk, February 10, 2021

Special Features

Convert your Bitcoin to a Stablecoin of your choice, such as USDT/USDC, in the event that BTC drops to a particular value which you have pre-determined. This provides you with a stop-loss feature for your Bitcoin and alleviates the fear of "losing it all"...

Pre-set your Bitcoin to release to the crypto addresses of your designated beneficiaries. You are all set, in the event of your demise.